Curb Appeal On Demand.

You can further enhance your curb appeal by converting dead grass to green, or replacing patchy yards with lush green grass. Add-on includes replacements for every exterior photo. We will even improve the grass on the property for sale with aerial photos if you also order the Aerial Drone add-on.

All of our photo packages include our Blue Sky Guarantee. We replace the skies for all of your photos with beautiful blue bliss. No extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

All booking is handled through the Client Center. Login to you account or sign up in minutes. Simply fill out some basic property information, select your photography package / add-ons, and our system will show you a live view of our calendar with all of our current availability by photographer. Best of all you are able to schedule/reschedule 24/7!

Not quite as fast as lightning, but we’re pretty close with next day turnaround on any photography package or video for any size residential property. Matterport 3D tours are also usually next day, though we are unable to control how fast they process on their server. Instagram Reels are 2-day turn around. For commercial projects we typically ask 2-5 business days for delivery.

If the day of your shoot calls for bad weather we will work with you to assess our options and determine the best course of action. Cloudy days and even very light rain are not typically a problem for us as blue sky replacement is already included with any photography package you choose. We are unable to offer blue sky replacement for video or 3D at this time. We will never charge you to cancel or reschedule for poor weather. Please call us if you have any concerns about weather.

Pipe burst 3 days before going live? Labor or materials for repairs running behind? Sellers not quite ready for whatever reason? No problem at all. We understand that we are a piece of the real estate puzzle that you are solving for you clients and the property may not be ready on time. In most cases you are able to reschedule an upcoming shoot right from your Client Center 24/7 without incurring a fee as long as it is within 24 hours. Same day cancelations may be subject to a fee at our discretion. Please see cancellation policy below for more details or call us if you have questions.

Yes! We offer a full range of virtual furniture, wall art, and decor in a variety of styles to make a vacant room come alive. Just let us know you are interested in virtual staging. We can do as many as you need as soon as you review your photos from a completed shoot. Virtual staging is a flat rate $32/image. Please note that for copyright reasons, we are only able to virtually stage images that we have created for you.

You may cancel at any time up to the day before  the shoot for a full refund. No questions asked. If the day of your shoot calls for bad weather we will work with you to access our options and determine the best course of action. We will never charge you to reschedule/cancel for poor weather.

Day of shoot cancellation policy:  If our photographer cannot adequately shoot the property once they arrive due to reasons beyond our control (such as, but not limited to a) unable to gain access to the property b) excessive clutter and mess c) unrestrained dangerous or threatening animals) you will be charged a 50% fee of the price of the shoot.

Lux Photography is our signature product, but what are some of the aspects of a property that make the additional cost worth it over the Standard package? As a general rule of thumb, we’ve been told by some of our clients that they find it useful to have a price rule e.g. $400,000 and up listing they will always choose Lux Photography.

Some other things to consider without making it too technical: If the home generally has poor lighting or no lighting at all, has a bright/vivid or dark color palette, or if the property does not receive much natural light because there are mature trees or buildings blocking light Lux Photography really starts to make a noticeable difference at any price point.

The multiple flashes, techniques, and other equipment we use for Lux Photography allows us to overcome many adverse situations and deliver exceptionally consistent color and contrast with every frame in some of the harshest lighting conditions.

Conversely, if the property already has exceptional lighting both natural/artificial and has relatively neutral colors throughout the home, Standard Photography is going to look just fine. Think how well the house “shows” and that will give you a sense. Feel free to call us with any questions about your next listing.

Standard is no slouch and any home can look great with it. If the property already has exceptional lighting both natural/artificial and has relatively neutral colors throughout the home, Standard Photography is a great choice.

Standard Photography still includes blue sky replacement, can handle relatively adverse lighting situations, and we color correct every frame.

Standard Photography is also a great choice if time is an issue because it is much faster than Lux Photography.

For darker homes or properties with more challenging lighting inside, and for higher-end listings you will want to consider Lux Photography.

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